Your robotic lawnmower experts

We are Alistair and James Scott, proud owners of Autolawn. We have combined our experience of garden machinery, customer service and business to create Autolawn as you know it today.

James Scott

“My passion for gardens began when I studied landscape design and technology at Winchester Agricultural College, and broadened my knowledge and expertise further at the prestigious Berkshire College of Agriculture. Knowing I had a love for all things garden, I joined the team at Squires, one of the largest garden centre chains in the UK. After 10 successful years at Squires (and running my own branch in Chertsey) I teamed up with a friend and created Abbey Rose Garden Workshop, where we specialise in the servicing, repair and hire of all types of garden machinery.  Having just celebrated our 10th successful year, I am what you might call an expert in lawnmowers!”

Alistair Scott

“I started my career in delivering foreign exchange, treasury risk management and money market deposit services to both corporate and private clients for the multinational company HiFX. This gave me a very detailed knowledge of customer service and an attention to detail which borders on the pedantic! I am experienced in finding out exactly what a client is looking for and delivering it, and having worked in a demanding and stressful environment, I have a keen eye for assessing a project and solving any potential problems before they arise.”

Creating Autolawn was a natural evolution for us. With our collective knowledge of garden machinery, along with understanding the stress of juggling a demanding career and family life with home and garden maintenance, we knew that our unique experiences could be of value to the public.

Robotic lawn mowers have been hugely successful across the world, and although they have been around for 20 years, they have taken a huge leap in both popularity and technology in the last three years. Research investment into battery power as a result of growing concerns over our reliance on fuel based products, as well as technology getting smarter, quicker and slicker means that the robotic lawn mowers of today have become a valuable and convenient addition to the busy modern lifestyle.

We are passionate about beautiful gardens but we also understand that while most people want a gorgeous garden they don’t necessarily have the time or the energy required to maintain it themselves. Professional gardeners or even paying someone to mow your lawn regularly can mean costs mount up considerably over time, a robotic lawn mower is an investment in efficiency, convenience and the health of your garden.