A 90 second interview with Tim who has had a Husqvarna 450X Automower for 2 years.


A big thank you for the efficient supply and fit of the Husqvarna 105 mower.
It brings a smile to my face knowing no more pushing a mower up and down my garden. Watching Robo (I’ve named him) busying around whilst I have a nice cup of tea is great. Can't wait till we hit Spring and summer.


Autolawn provided an excellent service, advising us effectively on the best product, layout and installation for our Husqavarna (now christened Lorna by our daughter).  Everything went extremely smoothly and nothing was too much trouble for James who carried out the work.  Our lawn looks fantastic - the best it has ever looked - and we could not be happier.

Mr Wright of Berkhamsted, HERTFORDSHIRE - Husqvarna 450X & INSTALLATION

Autolawn installed my Husqvarna 450X Automower in October 2016. Most impressed with James Scott's attention to detail and determination to ensure the installation was successful. The guide wires were laid neatly around the whole garden and after a few weeks it is impossible to see where they are buried. The mower was fully tested to ensure everything worked perfectly!! I am a very happy customer of Autolawn

Mr. Jarvis of Maidenhead, Berkshire - Husqvarna 305, Service & Installation

I purchased my 308 Husqvarna Automower 5 years ago and have been extremely happy with it. In 2013 I moved house but due to building work and the garden being landscaped the Automower installation was delayed until 2016 and I decided I better find someone who specializes in service and installation to handle.

I contacted Autolawn who were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable; after answering all my questions, I instructed them to service my Automower, including a software update. Autolawn handled the service (documenting all parts replaced in detail) and installed the docking station, a new perimeter wire and homing wire at the property. 

It’s great to have Henry (that’s want we call him, because of the H on the front) back up and working and part of the family again. I highly recommend Autolawn for prompt, reliable and reasonably priced work with Automowers. 

Mr. Laughton of Marlow, Buckinghamshire - Husqvarna 105 & Installation

After seeing a Husqvarna Automower in my home country of Switzerland, I was looking for a solution for my second home here in the UK. I wanted a way in which to keep my lawn cut whilst I was back home in Switzerland and the Automower seemed the perfect solution. 

James from Autolawn visited my home in order to see which make and model was suitable for the size and shape of my lawn. The Husqvarna 105 was recommended, which was subsequently supplied and installed in a friendly efficient and professional manor.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of AutoLawn. 

Mr. P Arnold of Hersham, Surrey - Honda Miimo 310 & Installation

I have just moved into my first property and now have the joy of maintaining a lawn. My job means I’m away overseas the majority of the time, therefore leaving me no spare time for gardening. 

A robotic lawn mower seemed the perfect solution, after doing my own research on the Internet, I came across Autolawn. There were very friendly and helpful as I had a lot of questions, we agreed a time for them to come out and do a consultation which was FREE!. 

After a very insightful conversation with James, we agreed that the Honda Miimo 310 would suit my needs the best (also I liked the look of it in white). Making the decision to go ahead as been a true marvel, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

It’s just a joy to come home and find the lawn trimmed, tidy and looking as good as when I left. 


Mr. P Simmonds of Marlow, Buckinghamshire – Husqvarna 430X & Installation

In June 2015 I was moving from a town house in London to a house in the Chilterns.

The London house had a very small paved garden, the new house had 1.5 acres of mixed lawn, shrubs and trees.

I started researching ride-on mowers as that seemed like the only possible option to keep the grass under control and looking good.

Further research suggested that the right type of ride-on was a front deck given the layout and numerous shrubs and trees and ideally 4wd given the gradient. Initial cost indications were around £4k.

While I was looking on Google at the various makes of ride-on tractors I found an article about auto mowers, or robot mowers as they are sometimes known.

I had trouble believing my size, shape and gradient of garden would make this a viable option, but further reading suggested that Husqvarna did indeed make an auto mower that could cope with my new garden.

At the time Husqvarna were running a promotion whereby after ninety days you could get a refund if the auto mower did not deliver a satisfactory result. So I filled in their online web form and waited for a local dealer to contact me. 

When James Scott from Autolawn rang me I explained that I would be completing on the house purchase in a few days time and we agreed a time for him to come and survey the garden.

When we meet the following week James proved very knowledgeable and very positive about what an auto mower could achieve. 

We agreed that it would make sense to go for a professional installation with James and a technician from Husqvarna attending for a half day to lay down the perimeter wire and the central homing wires. 

As I had no mower at the time and it was approx. two weeks before the Husqvarna technician and the cable laying machine could be in my area James very kindly lent me a petrol mower to keep the grass short while awaiting the auto mower.

On the day of installation the rain started early and carried on all morning but undaunted James pressed on with the cable laying and mower set up.

Once they had briefed me on the few user settings I needed to understand and left with the mower doing its thing around the garden. 

The great thing is for over 12 months now Husky as it is known has been doing its thing every day, except in frost and snow, and the lawn looks fantastic. It's gone from looking like a horse paddock (previous owner let horses graze on the lawn!) to looking as good as a well-tended golf fairway. 

The only maintenance required so far has been blade changes every four weeks, takes five minutes and costs a couple of pounds.

The only technical issue so far was caused when our gardener was planting shrubs and stuck his spade in the ground forgetting that there was a buried cable. A call to James and he came out a few days later to detect the break in the cable and implement a repair.

In summary I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with an auto mower and would have no hesitation recommending James, indeed I already have done on several occasions, most recently last bank holiday weekend when we had a BBQ for 30 people and Husky was the main attraction of the evening with so many people in awe that technology had moved on to such a level that a robot could work silently 24/7 and make the grass look so good.


Having recently moved into a new house with a large garden, a colleague in the Netherlands told me about robot mowers. I’d heard of robot vacuums but never mowers before. After a lot of online research, the one that really stood out to me was the Honda Miimo 510, partly due to Honda’s excellent reputation and experience in robotics but also because it is by far the best looking auto mower that I have seen. Having a robot mow your lawn still feels like something out of science fiction so why not have the coolest, futuristic robot do the job for you?

I invited James from Autolawn to come and install it for me as laying 2,200m of wire around the garden perimeter with an edging tool didn’t really appeal to me. In half a day, James had finished using his cable laying machine and was fine tuning Miimo. It was programmed to start it’s work at 6am the next day, so I set my alarm and watched from my bedroom window as it set off. There’s something about watching it work that mesmerizes you! It’s absolutely fascinating watching it wander around randomly from one boundary to the other. Once the battery gets to 30%, it finds its way back to the charging station, charges to 100% and then sets off again. It’s been doing that continuously now for about the last six weeks. No hiccups, no errors, just perfect automation. The grass is starting to look fantastic now. I’d previously let it get too long and spent ten hours pushing a petrol mower round and stopping every few minutes to empty the cuttings. All that is in the past now. There are no visible cuttings. Miimo trims a tiny amount off, which in turn ends up as fertilizer for the lawn. So the lawn never looks like it needs cutting. It just looks perfect all the time! I can go away for a couple of weeks and come back to the lawn looking exactly as it was when I left. The amount of time its saved be (not including all the time I spend watching it out of the window!) is worth it alone.

This is by far one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I was sceptical at first about how well it would perform but it’s been absolutely flawless. It looks amazing, works perfectly and friends love coming round to see it!


After only 10 days our lawn is looking absolutely fantastic. I can honestly say that in the 16 years we have been here it has never looked so good. Our Husqvarna Automower 105 (aka Barney) is just brilliant.

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