Honda Miimo 310 Robotic Lawnmower

Honda Miimo 310 Robotic Lawnmower


As world leaders in robotic technology, Honda have created the Miimo 310, the perfect robotic lawn mower for those of us with a smaller lawn. 

Miimo 310 has a powerful 10-watt motor on each wheel and a 25-watt blade motor, which means that it is capable of cutting even the thickest lawns; first time, every time.

Miimo 310 provides hassle-free gardening and promises a lush, healthy lawn by micro mulching the clippings to create a rich fertiliser, and leaving you with nothing to do except sit back and enjoy your garden.

With an ultra-quiet motor, and an ability to work in all weathers and at all times of day, you can even schedule Miimo to work through the night, without worrying about disturbing yourself or your neighbours. Miimo has a built in anti-theft pin code and alarm, so you know that he will be safe. With an adjustable cutting height and a cutting area of up to 2000m2 Miimo 310 is the right lawn mower for you if you have a smaller, less complex lawn.

If you have a larger or more complex garden, please see our other models.

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Working area capacity (m²) - 2000
Ideal lawn size (m²) - 1000
Working area per hour (m²/h) - 83
Working slope angle (%) - 0.45
Charging System - Automatic
Timer - Automatic setup
Seasonal Timer - Yes
Easy Setup Wizard - Yes
Night mode - Yes
Narrow Passage control - Yes
Spiral Cutting - Yes
Edge Cutting - Yes
PIN Code Lock - Yes
Alarm - Yes
Rain mowing - Yes  (IPX4)
Razor swing blades - Yes
Digital Boundary wire signs - Yes
Display Languages  - 5/12*
Wheelbase (mm) - 300
Weight (kg) - 11.6
Battery Type Li-ion 22.2V - 1.8Ah
Typical Charging time (min) - 30
Run time on one charge (min) - 40
Power consumption when cutting (W) - 54
Blade motor (W) - 25.3
Drive motor (W) - 2 x 10,8
Sound Power Level Guarantee (db(A) - 62,0
Standard Sound level (db(A) - 59,3
Sound level - Quiet mode (db(A) - 56,3
Wire (m) - 200
Pegs (pcs) - 200
Charging Station Included - Yes
Connectors Included - Yes
Spare blades Included - Yes