Servicing and parts

As qualified dealers we are able to provide a complete aftersales service for your robotic lawn mower.

In order to keep your mower in optimum condition and providing you with years of dedicated mowing, it is important to have it serviced every 12 months and with only genuine parts. 

A mower has to do a lot of hard work, and some parts need to be replaced (for example the blades) to ensure that the product continues to give you the perfect cut. During servicing we also check the entire mower, motors, wheels, cutting blades and electrics and replace any parts which are needed. We will also do give it the latest manufacturers software update, please note this can only done by an authorised dealer.

We have many yearsā€™ experience in servicing robotic mowers, and can provide a hassle free way of keeping it in perfect condition with regular servicing. Please contact us now to discuss mower servicing.

If you are qualified to repair your mower yourself, we also stock genuine parts for you to order from us. Please contact us for more details.