Robotic Lawnmower Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about purchasing your first robotic lawn mower

We realise that buying your first robotic lawn mower is a large purchase, and we want to make sure that you equip yourself with the facts before you make a decision. We are always on hand to help you, and will advise you on the best model for your purposes, but here we will give you some things to think about when you are making your purchase.

All robotic lawn mowers are battery powered and all have a charging station which the mower returns to when the lawn has been mowed or the battery is low. The mowers know where to go by reading a signal sent through a perimeter wire (which can be installed by you or our team) which is laid around the edges of your garden and any obstacles such as flower beds and trees. All robotic mowers are mulching mowers, which means that they cut the clippings into tiny pieces, returning them back to the lawn to provide a rich fertiliser and removing any need to deal with clippings yourself, leaving you with a lush and healthy lawn for next to no effort. 

For more information and to help you with making a decision, please refer to our product pages and “how a robotic lawn mower works” and “what is mulching”.

  • Battery power/size of lawn - The size of your lawn, and how this relates to the battery size in the mower is important. Some mowers have a GPS function which remembers the area where the mower left off, so that it can recharge part way through a mow and return where it left off. Alternatively, you may want to choose a mower which can mow your entire lawn in one go.
  • Gradients - If you have a sloping garden you will need to consider this. Some mowers have a larger motor and are able to contend with steeper gradients. 
  • Obstacles - Robotic lawn mowers can cope with all different sizes of lawns, and are not limited to mowing small, simple rectangular lawns either. There are mowers for large and small gardens and the installation process ensures that all obstacles can be avoided.
  • Safety - The mowers also have a collision feature, so that if the mower bumps into people, pets or unexpected items on the lawn it immediately moves away safely and without interrupting its job. If the robotic lawn mower is lifted off the ground for any reason, the blades and mower will cut out and stop immediately.  
  • Controls – Most robotic lawn mowers have simple controls which can be adjusted using both a smartphone app and on the unit itself. All of these are simple to understand, but it is worth researching which controls are most suited to you. Are you very technologically minded? Or do you require something more simple?
  • Anti-theft devices – Some robotic lawn mowers have built in anti-theft devices, including alarms, passcodes and some even have GPS. If you garden is not a secure area it would be prudent to consider a model which has this feature.
  • Schedule – Many of our mowers come with a schedule feature. This means that you can set a time and day for your mower to do its work, removing the need to even remember that the grass needs to be cut!
  • Weather protection – Most mowers work well in all weathers. However, some are more suitable than others when it comes to torrential rain (important in our lovely country!). 
  • Recharge time – Some mowers have a longer recharge time than others, this can mean that the mower needs longer in between each mowing session to fully charge. Others have a shorter time to recharge but have a smaller battery and therefore are unable to mow a large area without recharging in the middle.

Our team is always on hand to advise you about the best robotic mower for your needs. Please feel free to get in touch!