Alexa, ask Automower to mow the lawn


Alexa, play Despacito… Alexa, turn the heating on... Alexa, set a workout timer for ten (ok, three) minutes…

Now a familiar sound around the world, giving Alexa voice commands has, for many of us, become an essential part of keeping our daily life and homes organised. And Alexa now has even more control, as Husqvarna adds Alexa compatibility to their automowers.

The new Alexa compatibility provides even more convenience for owners who are striving towards a completely connected and automated home, and will be launched on 1st September 2018.

The first available update for Alexa includes the commands “start”, “stop” and “park”.

Compatible with all Automower Connect models, including the older models, all you need to pair your Husqvarna Automower to Alexa is an internet connection and an Alexa device. And if your model doesn’t have Automower connect you don’t have to miss out. We can fit Automower Connect to most Husqvarna models, click here to arrange a fitting.

Sascha Menges, president of the Husqvarna division said "…we are meeting our customers' high expectations and giving them a variety of more convenient ways to communicate with the product."

With voice activation becoming standard on more and more home appliances, watch this space for future news as additional manufacturers join Husqvarna in the world of home automation.



James ScottComment