5 lawns which will make you green with envy

What do you feel when you think of your lawn? Does it make you want to prance barefoot through the soft, green grass? Or do you just see more work added to the to-do list?

If you’re struggling to get motivated to tackle your lawn don’t worry. We have some lawn porn for you today, with these 5 enviable lawns. Get ready to be inspired.

Alnwick Castle – Northumberland, England

This gorgeous castle was one of the sets for the Harry Potter films (hello Hogwart’s) as well as Downton Abbey. And looking at these lawns, you can see why it is so sought after. Just goes to show what is possible in the inclement weather up North!


Muckross House – Co Kerry, Ireland

Look at those sharp edges! Muckross House is a Victorian mansion within Kilarney National Park. The gardens were extensively rennovated in 1861 to prepare for a visit from Queen Victoria. These intricate lawns are the perfect back drop for the colourful flowerbeds.

Château de Chambord - Loir-et-Cher, France

OK yes, it's a 500 year old chateau, beautiful renaissance architecture etc etc. But look at those lawns though! So green and flat. The perfect lawn does for architecture what a gallery wall does for paintings, show them off to perfection.


King's College - Cambridge, England

The college bought their first lawn mower in 1866, after much debate on how to keep on top of garden duties. And while we don't recommend the striped pattern every time you mow, it does look rather fetching in this grand setting.


The White House, Washington DC, USA

The South Lawn of the White house is probably the most famous lawn in the world. Who cares who lives there, just look at that lawn! It allegedly takes 8 hours to mow all the lawns in the grounds. They could save themselves some serious time with a robotic lawnmower.


Hopefully these gorgeous lawns have inspired you. But don't be intimidated. Creating a lovely lawn is really simple with a little know how and the right tools. 

James ScottComment