Installation of your Robotic Lawnmower

We understand that purchasing a robotic lawn mower is a big financial commitment, therefore it is absolutely essential to get installation right or your mower cannot do its job properly and could result in costly mistakes. All robotic mowers work by reading a signal sent around a wire which is installed around the perimeter of your garden. 

You can set up your lawn mower yourself, but this can be time consuming, depending on the size and complexity of your garden and where your outdoor power supply (if any) is placed. You also must leave the wire to “bed in” for up to a month before you can use your robotic lawn mower, otherwise the perimeter wire may be accidentally cut, leaving your mower useless.

We offer a complete installation and setup service, giving you peace of mind that your mower has been installed correctly and safely, and will be left ready to use immediately.  All you need to do is be there to provide access to your garden, then sit back and relax while we do all the hard work. 

We use the most advanced perimeter cable laying machine in Europe to ensure that you don't have to wait up to a month for the grass to grow and the wire to bed in, you can start watching your mower in action from the moment we leave your garden. 

Once installed, we do a complete check of the site to ensure that the wire has been correctly placed within the specific measurements, and to all borders and obstacles. We will then install the base station, and connect the perimeter wire and power source. This is where the robot lawn mower will live and return to automatically every time it needs charging or is not in use.

After this your mower needs to be programmed. We will set it up so that is recognises your garden, and perform a series of tests to ensure that your robot is moving around your garden in the correct way and returning to its base station to dock and charge. We then allow the mower to roam around your garden for 15 minutes, ensuring that it is reaching all boundaries and the motor and blades are performing as they should.

When we are entirely satisfied that your robot is running correctly we will talk you through setup and scheduling options, and any advanced features that are available with your chosen model. We will also discuss the dos and don’ts of robotic lawn mower ownership, as well as our aftercare service, to ensure that you and your mower live happily ever after.